A publication of the SJSU MST Program
The Contemporary Tax Journal  is produced and published by the San Jose State University Masters of Science in Taxation (MST) Program in the Lucas Graduate School of Business. The Contemporary Tax Journal is a student managed online journal that features work of SJSU MST students, as well as original articles from tax practitioners, academics and graduate students. We publish twice annually.

The journal was launched in 2011 to offer SJSU MST students an avenue for enriching their graduate tax learning by engaging with tax compliance, planning and policy areas through writing, editing and researching. The Contemporary Tax Journal also enables students and the MST Program to provide a community service through broader understanding of the tax law.  Two sections of each journal provide this service - "Focus on Tax Policy" and "Tax Enlightenment."  We hope students, practitioners and policymakers will find these analyses insightful and helpful.  "Tax Enlightenments" explain current tax topics for readers of all levels of tax knowledge.

This website for the journal also provides information about many aspects of the SJSU MST program, the annual TEI-SJSU High Technology Tax Institute and other SJSU MST tax seminars and conferences, as well as some tax links and news.